«Beautiful clothes created for your happiness»

Lorenzo Rossi

He was unknown, existing in the shadow of masters. Creating mediocre clothes for middling factory, he was fed up with this tastelessness. Dreaming every day about renown and fame, he stepped confidently to his reverie. He explored fashion day by day and once he realized his vocation is to create bridal gowns.

Once he tried, his attempt failed. He knew that there is only one way to rush in – to create something suddenly, overcoming, something imprudent…He agonized with all his attempts and then understood that his best idea was in front of his nose all this time! He decided to create a dress for perfect woman which possesses daring, self- confidence and independence…

He burst into bridal industry with impertinent claim about women.
He turned over the consciousness of wedding with his fresh views. The perfect bride looks alluring and bravely at the same time. She is charming and enchanting but with pretension to conquer and to seduce.
Her dress evokes rapture and ravishment and gets stuck on memory forever.